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T.J.'s 2024 Dynasty Rookie Running Back Rankings Pre NFL-Draft

2024 Rookie Running Back Rankings Pre NFL-Draft

  1. Johnathan Brooks RB Texas 

  2. Ray Davis RB Kentucky 

  3. Trey Benson RB Florida State

  4. Marshawn Lloyd RB USC 

  5. Blake Corum RB Michigan 

  6. Jaylen Wright RB Tennessee 

  7.  Frank Gore Jr RB Southern Miss

  8. Bucky Irving RB Oregon

  9. Audric Estime RB Notre Dame

 10. Will Shipley RB Clemson 

  11. Dylan Laube RB New Hampshire 

  12. Braelon Allen RB Wisconsin 

  13. Jase McClellan RB Alabama

  14.  Dijuan Edwards RB Georgia 

  15.  Jayden Shirden RB Mammoth 

  16. Cody Schrader RB Missouri 

  17. Isiah Davis RB South Dakota State

  18. Emani Bailey RB TCU

  19. Dillion Johnson RB Washington

  20. Carson Steele RB UCLA

  21. Kendall Milton RB Georgia 

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