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What to do with your aging stars in dynasty

What to do with your aging stars in fantasy?

You might have players like Davante Adams, Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, and Russell Wilson. Players who could provide another 2-3 years of production and longer with their output from last year. We call them old and reliable for a reason; no matter the situation, they give us the points we need. We cannot ignore how good they still can be, but age is creeping up. Now the burning question is when do we let them go to start a rebuild in fantasy?

Obviously, you must ask yourself, how far away am I from a title? Will giving up a superstar now help you get closer to a realistic title in the future? It's a tricky question to ask; not only are you saying your team is not good enough, but you also might be bolstering a team to win a championship, which is okay! Look, in fantasy, there are 4 teams with a chance to win it all, and that's okay. Players break out, get moved, etc. We cannot control what the unknown gives us. We also have to remember one day; those top teams will age out and come to the bottom if they stay put. Some do, so it's our job as expert players to look in the mirror and say hey, 2024 is a tremendous overall draft if I can move someone who will just suffer on my team and not help me win. Why not get some assets to help take the luck out of it?

Another thing to remember, sometimes it's okay to let stars age out on your team. Listen, I know what I just said, but if people in your league are not giving you the value for someone, do not feel pressured to trade just to trade. I would rather have Hill for the two years he promised than trade him for undervalue. Who knows? You can always do a reverse Viking (succession nerd). Instead of being the seller, be the buyer. You can take all those picks and gain some players to make you a win-now team.

The last piece of advice… look around the league. Be a detective and see who wants what. The best part about fantasy is that people are always looking for moves and looking for trades. Sure, you might be in the middle of the pack, but that bottom-feeding team might want a Tyreek Hill and think, hey, that will get me there. Remember, not your league mates and what they are willing to do. Find those big-time fans that might hold some players on their favorite teams & value. There is always something you can do. 

Here is the thing. Know your team and not yourself. Be ready to change over a roster when you see things going good or bad. Be the GM that you think you can be in the NFL and start are build sooner than later or start reloading sooner than later. Always be cautious of who you are playing with and, most importantly…. Have fun trading! It does not have to be like pulling teeth.

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