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What To Do With And Where To Draft Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews In Redraft Fantasy Leagues

With fantasy re-draft season upon us, the big question is should I use one of the top picks on the most disappointing position, tight end? The two players that are in question are Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews. Let’s be honest. We can go down the list for more ‘solid options, but we will stick with the two that you might be giving up bigger values at other positions to get on your team. 

Some people will be looking at this and be no way Andrews is not in the same tier as Kelce. Well hold on. Let's not forget the factors that plagued him last year. With the injury to Lamar Jackson, the Ravens had to limit their offense to stick with Huntley in winning drives. In 2021, Andrews had more points than Kelce, not by much, but still. We try to look for value in this position, and we might have found a running mate with Kelce in Andrews. Let's also look at what the Ravens did this off-season. They re-signed Lamar to a long-term contract, bolstered the wideout room, and got an Offensive Coordinator who loves to get his pass catchers the ball.

What is the value of drafting these two guys early? You will have a leg up in the most outlier position in fantasy football. While your league mates are trying to find value at the position, you have a set-it-and-forget-it guy. Kelce, in his own right, outscored the second-best tight end by almost 100 points. Yes, you read that right. Sure, he had one or two bad weeks but compared to everyone else in the position, you will take it. Andrews, who was a little bit of a disappointment last season, will find himself as the number 1 target for his newly signed QB again now that they are both healthy. Drafting them has its advantages. You have the ability to make sure you win that position battle in your match-up, you do not have to second guess anything (maybe during bye weeks), and lastly, you will get production as a wide receiver. Another nugget, teams with Kelce on their roster… 40% of them made the championship game in their league. 

With advantages comes some downside. When you draft these studs at the tight end position, you become weaker at the wide receiver and the running back position. With Kelce’s value going all the way to as high as pick five overall, you are passing up talented players like Ekeler, Kupp, and Hill just to name a few. Andrews is a little more tempting depending on your positioning. Even though you might get the talent in the first two rounds, you are still passing up some good breakout candidates at his current ADP. With taking these guys, you also need them to essentially give you top 10-12 wideout production, let alone be the top 2 tight end points per game.

With drafts coming up there is not a plan that you can make with onesies positions, especially with the top tight ends in the game. You can take the chance and hope some players break out with them and make your run. You can also wait on this position and load up on talent and maybe just maybe you miss on the Kelce down year and a disappointing Andrews season that will happen with more weapons. If I am a betting man, give me these two if I can get them at a decent value. If not, I guess the late-round tight end might be the move for this season.

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