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Tight End Injury Pivot Options Before The Season Begins

Tight End Injury Pivot Week 1

Tonight, FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!… THAT COUNTS. Only to see one of the most reliable players, Travis Kelce, sustain an injury before the game. To put it in perspective, Kelce has been nothing short of consistent and was a safe pick in fantasy drafts that happened early and even those that were just a few days ago. His injury is one of many that have already happened at the position. arguably, the second and third best TEs also suffered injuries, Mark Andrews and George Kittle. What do you do if you have these guys who cannot play in Week 1? Let's look at some pivots that could save your week one matchup.

Juwan Johnson: Saints and tight ends are a match made in heaven… we have seen it with Jimmy Graham as well as Taysom Hill, who was listed as a tight end all last year. So why am I bringing him up if everything in Nola is different? One reason... Big Red Zone Target. With Derek Carr at the helm and the reports of Juwan catching his new QB's attention. He can be inline for a solid game against the Saints, one we have come to know as a solid matchup. Their opponents, the Titans, also give a boost to starting Johnson. They were middle of the road against tight ends and nothing against their free agency, but they did not strengthen the linebacker position. I can see Juwan getting open in the middle of the field.

Sam LaPorta: RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Oh no, a rookie tight end, that is already lousy news… usually yes, it would be, but here is what makes LaPorta a good option. The highest over/under this week is Lions vs. Chiefs; outside of St. Brown, there is no actual number two. The final reason being that he has run with the ones all of camp. All these point to one thing: LaPorta being the number two guy. He has the size and speed Dan Campbell raved about when drafting him, and they want to utilize more passes in the middle of the field. I am not saying he will be something all season, but for week one on the pitch, he can certainly help your squad.

Tyle Higbee: We are back with the beast, which also comes with news of Cooper Kupp not playing in week one. His being out leaves Higbee and Van Jefferson as the big-time veterans in the passing game. We know that Jefferson has the straight-line speed, and we will see the routes of Puka, the rookie, but let's not overlook the fact that Higbee and Stafford have a rapport we have seen on display for years. Unlike the other two options I mentioned, this one has chemistry already. Look for Higbee to have the most significant target share in this Rams offense in week one.

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