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Learning Tight End Premium and Becoming a Master In Dynasty Fantasy Football

Learning Tight End Premium and Becoming a Master In dynasty fantasy football, the Tight End Premium (TEP) scoring format adds an extra layer of value to the tight end position, making it a significant factor in roster construction and trade strategies. This article will explore the concept of Tight End Premium and provide insights into how to leverage it to unlock value in dynasty leagues. Here are some key points that will be covered. 

1. Understanding Tight End Premium (TEP): TEP (Tight End Premium) scoring was introduced to address the relative disparity in production between tight ends and wide receivers. By awarding additional points per catch, TEP scoring aims to increase the value of tight ends in fantasy football. The bonus points assigned (typically ranging from 0.25 to 1) for each reception help level the playing field and elevate the significance of tight end contributions. One of the potential downsides of TEP scoring is that elite tight ends like Travis Kelce can become game-changers, consistently providing a significant advantage for fantasy teams. These exceptional performers can single-handedly lead teams to victories week after week, making them highly sought after in TEP leagues. When strategizing in TEP leagues, it's crucial to focus on tight ends who have the potential for consistent production. While touchdowns are valuable, prioritizing tight ends who consistently receive a high volume of targets can be advantageous. Players like Chigoziem Okonkwo and Darren Waller garner attention due to their potential for a significant number of targets, as increased volume often translates into more points and fantasy success.

2. Targeting Elite Tight Ends: Securing a proven performer like Travis Kelce should be a priority in dynasty leagues. He consistently delivers elite performances and is widely regarded as the top tight end option. However, there are other elite performers worth considering as well. Heading into the 2023season, Mark Andrews and Darren Waller stand out as valuable assets. Waller has shown his potential by finishing as the TE2 overall in 2020, while Andrews has demonstrated his upside with a TE1 finish in 2021. If upgrading to the elite tier isn't feasible, targeting players who have the potential to receive a significant volume of targets is a viable strategy. Several players, including Darren Waller, Chigoziem, Juwan Johnson, Mike Gesicki, and Dalton Schultz, have the opportunity to see ample targets this season. By acquiring these players, you can benefit from their involvement in their offenses and the potential fantasy points they can generate.

3. Value of Depth and Handcuffing: In rookie drafts, I take the opportunity to acquire tight ends who often fall in the draft due to the preference of league mates for wide receivers and or running backs in later rounds. While I don't expect immediate impact from these tight ends, I stash them on my taxi squad and patiently await their development, keeping an eye on the next NFL draft. It's true that tight ends usually require time to mature, but impatience won't do any good. My advice is to be patient and refrain from dropping them unless it's absolutely necessary for roster management. Unlike the running back position, the tight end landscape is less fluid, so I don't typically prioritize handcuffing myTE1 unless there's a promising tight end available on the same team, such as Isiah Likely, Trey McBride etc.

4. Long-Term Outlook and Future Planning: In TEP leagues, finding the right balance between immediate production and long-term upside is vital for sustained success. It's crucial to identify up-and-coming tight ends, project their potential impact, and make roster decisions that align with your long-term goals. By doing so, you can unlock the full potential of the tight end position. Embrace the challenge of future planning, actively scout emerging talents, and position yourself for long-term success in TEP leagues. Additionally, don't hesitate to take chances on tight ends. With everyone searching for the next high-level TE, having a sizable roster of upside TEs allows you to capitalize on their success and flip them for substantial profit. By understanding the nuances of Tight End Premium and employing effective trade strategies, dynasty managers can unlock significant value and gain a competitive advantage in their leagues.

5. Start two Tight Ends Format in dynasty fantasy football, the "Start 2 TE" format introduces an interesting twist to team composition and draft strategy. With the requirement to start two tight ends, the value of the position increases significantly. In this format, top-tier tight ends become even more coveted as they can provide a substantial advantage over opponents who may struggle to field two productive options at the position. When approaching a startup draft in a Start 2 TE league, it's essential to prioritize securing at least one elite tight end early on. This ensures a reliable and high-scoring option at the position, giving your team a significant advantage. Additionally, it's important to be mindful of the scarcity of quality tight ends in the league. As the draft progresses, the pool of reliable options diminishes rapidly. Therefore, aiming to secure a second tight end with upside becomes a priority in the mid-to-late rounds. Targeting young and promising tight ends such as Kyle Pitts, Pat Freiermuth, or Dalton Kincaid can pay off in the long run, as they have the potential to develop into top-tier assets. By emphasizing the value of the tight end position and strategically building a roster with two strong options, you position yourself for success in a Start 2 TE dynasty league. This format encourages a deeper understanding of the tight end landscape, making it crucial to invest wisely and take advantage of the unique scoring dynamics to gain an edge over your competition. For me personally I'm only in 1 league with this format and trading for TE is extremely difficult, so do not be afraid to reach for solid producing TEs.

 In summary, TEP scoring helps bridge the gap between tight ends and wide receivers, but it also highlights the game-changing potential of elite tight ends. When constructing your team, targeting tight ends with reliable production and a favorable volume of targets can lead to consistent point accumulation and ultimately, success in TEP leagues.

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