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Fantasy Playoffs on The Horizion

Two weeks left in the fantasy regular season, some of us are lucky enough to think about the playoffs. So, what should we be doing these next two weeks, if we have a spot locked up?

One thing is for sure, you drafted well enough to have a good foundation to get you here. You do not want to over think it with your studs. Case in point you will not bench Waddle or Hill just because their end of year schedule is brutal. You might, however, bench their teammates, in Tua Tagovailoa and Raheem Mostert. No doubt Raheem Mostert has been nothing short of a value pick this year, but with a brutal schedule and Achane coming back, you might want to find a plan B for your team to continue its success.

Is it cool to own two defenses? Yes, some of us have been leaning on the Chiefs or Cowboys defenses that have been putting up points with their turnover ability and lack of high-end opponents. Down the stretch you want to house another one just in case, just to offset the brutal matchups these elite defenses might have coming up. Think about the Vikings who have three plus matchups coming up, that can offset the Cowboys stretch with the Eagles being one of their opponents. 

Make sure you have your handcuffs, if they are available. Look, it's nice to have CMC but as we’ve seen we cannot predict an injury. So, if Elijah Mitchell for example is out there, and you have CMC it might be worthwhile to add him on your bench instead of you scrambling if CMC goes out. Time and time again we have seen star players go down during the playoffs and their backups are the playoff darlings that we all hope to hit a homerun on. 

QB carousel is one thing a lot of teams do if they do not have a top end QB. This year more than ever, because of the injuries, some teams are clinging to streaming QBs. Outside of the teams with Hurts, Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, and Lamar a lot of teams are banking on some guys that can hit or miss. This is where the fun beings, maybe you have an extra spot, and you are not sure if Tua will do well in that gauntlet stretch and you have some on the waiver wire like Jordan Love who has a nice schedule and is coming on…. ADD HIM. You do not want to be stuck with a bad QB performance as the reason you lost your playoff game.

All in all, you made it. You are a good manager, and all your hard work led you to this, enjoy the playoffs and good

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