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Dynasty Stock Market Report 18 March – 05 April

Dynasty Stock Market Report 18 March – 05 April Welcome back stock bros and gals, to another dynasty stock market report here to help you profit on your dynasty shares! Adp will be dated back to 18 march – 05 April. Once again, we will be using FantastyCalc and DynastyNerds ADP.

Update from the last report:

Brock Purdy - From the last stock market report here are the following changes in ADP Brock Purdy FC has him going at QB 14 down one spot and going at pick 33.18, which is 5 picks later than before. Nerds ADP has a small dip as well going off the board at pick 29.33 QB13 (without the rookie class). This still makes a great time to buy, with his start up value dipping, he could be cheaper in your league.

Kirk Cousins – Last report from FC data Cousins was going at QB 19 pick 88.95 and NERDS ADP was pick 77.60. Updated FC him going off the board at pick 77.33 QB 21 (with the rookie class), and Nerds ADP 67.13 (without rookies). FC now has his ADP is at pick 74.73 (14 spot difference), and Nerds 63.38 (also an 14 spot difference). Since the last article he's made almost a full round jump in value which seems to be accurate with getting a 4-year contract, but either way dynasty managers should of saw this coming, He's more of an accurate valued player and is a strong hold for me. 

Lamar Jackson- His ADP seems to be unchanged for the most part before the last report, which is to be expected since its still a same tier. FC current ADP is 6.53 which is down .55, while Nerds ADP is up by 0.40. Even though theres little to no change I would say hes now currently an even value with all the questions marks araising around the Chargers offense. I would still rather have both Burrow and Herbert over Jackson especially long term, but I do understand why people would rather have Jackson over Herbert. 

Isiah Pacheco-  ADP two weeks ago was pick 55.56 according to FC and Nerds adp was 68.20.  FC now has his ADP at pick 60.75 RB 14 (-4.63 difference) and Nerds ADP 76.57 RB13 (-8.37 pick difference). While he has lost a half round of value over the past 2 weeks, but I expect it to continue to go down, hes a player im avoiding at current cost in startup and we will be talking about another player here in the article that I would much rather have that’s going 18 picks after. My current market evaluation is that he is a bear, and his ADP will be dropping again by the next article.

Josh Jacobs – Jacobs has seen a rise in ADP, but has closed the gap on the and joined the tier of James Cook, Rachaad White and Isiah Pacheco where before he was going a round later than those guys. Currently on FC Jacobs ADP is 58.95 (+9.7 picks) RB12, Nerds adp has him currently at pick 72.29 (+2.02 pick increase). Jacobs signed a nice deal with the Packers, and we’ve seen Aaron Jones and even AJ Dillon having good fantasy seasons. I expect his value to increase, and I would still rather have Jacobs over Cook, White and Pacheco, I expect his value to only increase and can still is a good value in startups. Continue being a bull in at this market price and invest in Jacobs!

Nico Collins – Collins has seen a slight dip on FC was being drafted at pick 34.78 and now is being drafted at pick 36.36 (-1.58), Nerds has seen a slight rise going at pick 39.20 and now is going at pick 38.00 (+1.20 pick increase). He is still going ahead of Drake London, Brandon Aiyuk, Micheal Pittman. For me theres a lot of question marks in the air of will Collins be back for the 2025 season? Will the Texans take a WR in the draft? As for the draft it worries me more with Tank Dell than Collins, but if they do that’s another mouth to feed in this offense and with the addition of Joe Mixon I expect this offense to run just a little bit more. I would still fade Nico at his current cost at look to sell for one of the guys mentioned above. As I was finishing this article the Stefon Diggs, current ADP isn’t going to be accurate, but I'm guessing Collins and Dell will both drop down a full round in ADP if not more.

Tee Higgins – Higgins got the franchise tag and has shown that he is unhappy with the Bengals organization. I think there's a strong possibility of him sitting out and or being traded to another team during or shortly after the draft. According to FC he's staying around the same ADP before he was going at pick 56.95 and now is going at pick 56 (+.95 pick difference), Nerds ADP shows a slight increase in value going from pick 54.90 to pick 52.63 (+2.27 pick difference). I am more worried now about his situation than before and I think this cost is accurate with the risk baked into his current ADP.

Jordan Love According to FC he’s going off the board at pick 19.23 QB 10 overall (with rookies) and on Dynasty Nerds pick 16.44 QB9 (without rookies). Jordan Love has shown the he’s the QB of the future for the Packers and with the offense only getting better the sky is the limit. Hopefully Loves WRs can stay healthy, I strongly believe he belongs in the first round of startup drafts, which currently he’s going in at the 2nd. I would personally take him above Anthony Richardson which is going 7 picks ahead of Love on FC and on Nerds Richardson is going 5 picks ahead of Love. DLF has him ranked at QB 11 and Nerds has him ranked at QB8 which I'm more in line with Nerds rankings. My conclusion is a bull.

Will Levis – According to FC he’s going off the board 92.53 QB 25 and on Dynasty Nerds QB21 79.57. According to FC QBs going ahead of him are Baker Mayfield, Bryce Young, Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, JJ McCarthy and Justin Fields. The Titans brought in Brian Callahan as their new head coach, and that’s not all they’re showing confidence in Levis to take that year 2 step forward with adding Tony Pollard, Calvin Ridley, Center Lloyd Cushenberry and OG Saahdiq Charles. Brian Callahan didn’t make Joe Burrow, and Will Levis is as good of prospect, but I feel confident in his offensive capabilities to help develop Levis in being a good QB. I think He can finish well above QB 15 this coming season and is a good target for rebuilders trying to pivot off of Baker, Deshawn and Kirk. I would be comfortable taking him above all the QBs going ahead in startup except Kirk, unless I was doing a productive struggle. DLF has Levis ranked at QB 21 and Nerds has him ranked at QB 21 as well, I have him slightly ahead at QB 17. My conclusion is to be a bull.

Zamir White – According to FC White is going off the board at RB 35 pick 125.93 and Nerds has him going off the board at pick 135.60. The Raiders off season has been anything to write home about, they’ve add Gardner Minchew as their starting QB, a good block TE Harrison Bryant and the RB that was to breakout out last year that everyone said to buy.. Alexander Mattison. Alexander Mattison last season was horrible while being the guy hes better as a 1,2 and 3 punch guy just as long as hes not the 1. I do not really expect the Raiders to add any RBs so White has a clear path to be the Raiders bell cow back. He should be able to offer RB2 upside through volume and the weeks he finds the endzone a low end RB1. This type of production you’re looking at this year and perhaps next I wouldn’t expect anything longer than a 1-year window for White. At cost I think he's well worth the gamble. I would move a late third for White and or pick him in startups around 120 area. DLF has Zamir ranked as RB26 and Nerds has him Ranked as RB 27.If it fits your team be a bullRest of the RB Market – I think overall rest of the RB market is generally fair there’s a few nit picky things that I would personally change such as Pacheco is still to high needs to fall to RB15-16 range. It’s the calm before the storm for the most part where we are waiting to see where these rookies fall. 

Christian Kirk – FC has him going off the board at pick 92.38 WR37, Nerds ADP is pick 92.71 WR 36. Christian Kirk last season finished as a WR 1 one time last season, WR 2 4 times and a WR 3 3 times while playing 12 games. Meaning he finished as a WR 8/12 times while playing and that’s including the game he got hurt. If Kirk can stay healthy this season he has the ability to have a finish like he did in 2022 as a back end WR 1. Also another not to add is he had a 133 targets in 2022 and 85 in 2023. The Jaguars added Gabe Davis, but also lost Calvin Ridley. Nerds has him ranked at WR 36 and DLF has him ranked as WR33 which Im more inline with Kirk on my contending teams My conclusion is be a bullish on Kirk

 Jameson Williams – Currently FC ADP has Williams going at pick 111.74 and Nerds has him going at pick 119.67. Jameson Williams value is on the edge of a cliff right now, and he could go straight off this cliff are start to climb back up again. For me personally I would rather take Ladd McConkley in this range without know his landing spot or pivot and give a plus to move to a Christian Kirk or Diontae Johnson. The problem with Jameson is that he hasn’t been able to get on the field due to his injuries and his bone headed mistake of gambling. This is super frustrating for dynasty managers and for me personally I would rather reroll the dice on someone else and have someone else have Jameson for better or for worse. He's currently Ranked on Nerds as WR 40 and DLF WR 44. My conclusion is a bear. 

Evan Engram – According to FC Engrams ADP is pick 95.15 and Nerds has him going of the board at pick 97. Last season Engram had the 2nd most targets to a TE in NFL history, yeah let that one sink in. Engram is a reliable TE due to just volume alone, like I said in the Kirk section this team offensively really hasn’t changed with Ridley leaving and Davis joining the team. Engram is one of the better TE buys you can make for your contending rosters. If you missed out on the top 7 guys you can wait until pick 90 and take Engram. Nerds Rankings has him at TE 11 which is behind Njoku, Kelce, Kittle and Freguson, and hes just ahead of Kmet and Goedert. I would personally take Engram ahead of Njoku and Freguson on my contending rosters.

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