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Dynasty DNA Stock Market Report

This is the Dynasty DNA Stock Market Report where I give you the best information available on everyone's favorite stocks where you can see immediate growth in their portfolios! We will look at ADP in recent stock market to help you stay ahead of the markets, help you identify the bulls (Buys) and recognize the bears (Sells)! For gathering ADP I am using FantastyCalc and Dynasty Nerds , additionally I am using Dynasty Nerds rankings and DLF rankings to pull market value. I am using Superflex TEP rankings.

Brock Purdy 

Everyone's favorite Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy. Dynasty Nerds ADP 25.52 and FantasyCalc 28.82, Purdy finished as QB 6 overall averaging 19.2 pts per game. While finishing as a QB 1, nothing really changing around him on the offensive side of the ball you would think he is going off the boards as a QB, well you would be wrong if you thought. Nerds ADP has him at pick 25.60, Calc has him at ADP 29.4 (QB13) Nerds have him ranked at QB 12 and DLF has him listed as QB13.

Conclusion be a Bull

Kirk Cousins

Alright, maybe you're one of the Purdy haters I get it. As a Lance truther myself, I'll always harbor a little animosity. But let's move on to our next candidate, who isn't for the ageist folks but for those who don't mind a little dust on the bottle. We're talking about Kirk Cousins, also known as Kirko Chains. Before his Achilles injury, he ranked as QB6 overall, averaging 19.3 points per game. In 2022, he finished as QB7 with an average of 18 points per game. Kirk is currently a free agent; however, odds are he'll be back with the Vikings, or worst-case scenario, he'll join another high-caliber offense eyeing the Super Bowl.

According to Nerds, his ADP is at 77.60, while Calc's is 88.95. DLF ranks him at QB19 (Player 70 overall), and Nerds put him at QB18 (Player 68 overall).

Conclusion be a Bull

Lamar Jackson

After a stellar MVP performance and finishing as QB3 overall, Lamar Jackson has seen a rise in ADP, with Nerds placing him at 5.40 and Calc at 5.98. This places him ahead of players like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. As a Ravens fan, it pains me to say this, but he's currently my bear of the QB market. Personally, I'd prefer to have Burrow and Herbert over him. DLF ranks him as QB4, while Dynasty Nerds has him at QB7. I tend to agree more with Nerds' rankings, as I believe Lamar's long-term value will resemble that of Cam Newton's.

Conclusion its a Bear

Isiah Pacheco

After surviving the NFL draft class of 2023 and winning the super bowl this year Isiah Pacheco finished as RB 13 (PPR) this impressive performance paid off for managers that held him and or bought him in the off season. Pacheco currently holds an ADP of 68.20 according to Nerds (RB12) and 55.56 according to Calc (RB12). It's noteworthy that in Nerds' ADP, he's ranked ahead of Barkley, which is a concern, although only by one spot. However, what's more alarming is that both Nerds and Calc have him positioned ahead of Josh Jacobs (Pick 66.54) and Tyjae Spears (Pick 72.23) by a full two rounds, which is a significant concern for me. Additionally, DLF currently ranks Pacheco as RB16, while Dynasty Nerds places him at RB17. In a recent poll on X, I asked who would you rather draft Saquon Barkley, Rachaad White, Josh Jacobs or Isiah Pacheco you can check the results here

Conclusion its a bear (psss.. James Cook is one spot ahead of Pacheco….Thats also a bear)

Josh Jacobs

 Next running back is the youngest oldest running back, a 26-year entering his 5th year in the league, Josh Jacobs. I thought he was 25 until I googled it, but we are leaving his intro because he just turned 26 11 February. Anyways on Nerds ADP he's leaving the board at pick 74.90 and on Calc 66.54 (RB 14). Currently drafters are drafting players like Rachaad White, Pacheco, James Cook ahead of him. Currently Nerds RB 12 overall and DLFs RB 11.

Conclusion it's a bull (Grab Jacobs by the horns)

Some honorable bulls to mention Tyjae Spears Nerds ADP 72.60 Calc’s ADP 72.23, Antonio Gibson Nerds ADP 151.75 Calcs ADP 166.36 (Gibson 2020 finished as RB 13 2021 RB 12 2022 RB 27 2023 RB 39) Gibson is a free agent this year and seems like him and Riverboat Ron never got along a great dart throw in my opinion.

Nico Collins

After his rookie season finishing WR 86  sophomore year finishing as WR 77 and last year finishing as WR 12 (PPR). Nico Collins has found himself soaring in value and in startups. Nerds ADP currently has him going at pick 39.20 and Calc going at pick 34.78 (WR11). Nerds has him ranked as WR16 and DLF WR 21, currently on a X post i have a poll going out with 99 votes at the time of this article which is who would you draft if Collins, Aiyuk, Waddle and Higgins were available? Collins is at 14.1% Aiyuk 43.4%, Waddle 34.3% and Tee Higgins 8.1%. If I were drafting, I would take Waddle, Aiyuk and Higgins over Collins personally. >Link to the poll

My personal opinion is that Collins is a bear and im avoiding at current cost

Tee Higgins

Tee Higgins came off his worse season of his career, with him only playing 12 games, Joe Burrow struggling in the first half and with Jake Browning filling in for the injured Joe Burrow. He had the chance of becoming a true number 1 wr this offseason until the Bengals stole the opportunity of that by franchise tagging him. According to Nerds ADP hes going off the board at pick 54.90, and Calcs pick 56.95. Nerds has Higgins ranked at WR15 which is ahead of players like Nico Collins (pick 39.20), Drake London (Pick 46.80), and just behind players Micheal Pittman (Pick 40.40) and DJ Moore (Pick 44.50). DLF has Higgins ranked at WR16 ahead of players JSN and DJ Moore and just behind Jordan Addison and Micheal Pittman. Tee Higgins is an unappreciated asset right now and you can trade players mentioned above for Higgins+.

 Be a bull..

Some honorable mentions Khalil Shakir ADP is at 163.39 WR74, Brandin Cooks ADP 190.97 WR82 and OBJ ADP 241.58 WR109 all per fantasycalc.com

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